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How to Troubleshoot Incredimail Crashing Problems

Incredimail is a free email program where it let the user enjoy the beneficial services of sending and receiving emails. It works efficiently, but if it starts obstructing in mail communications, then you need to fix Incredimail Lagging and Freezing Difficulties. But, in recent cases, many users are struggling with the crashing issue but it is considered as an impossible factor for the users. So, in this article, you may overcome this burden in the following steps:

Step 1:  Crashing while receiving/sending mail with an outlook mail or windows live account-


Sometimes it happens suddenly which makes entirely out of knowledge for the users. You can configure in the following steps:

• First, click the “Tools” menu (which is marked in red) and then select the “Email Accounts” (which is marked in blue) in the Incredimail main window.




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